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Through our donations, we give thanks for the blessings we have received.  This is one of the ways we support the ministries at Santa Maria Seventh-day Adventist Church as a whole.


Giving is a key part of worship here at Santa Maria SDA Church. When you donate, your giving will have planted seeds which enable Santa Maria SDA Church to grow in our community, and provide a church home for you and others.

Thank you for answering God's call to contribute to His work at Santa Maria SDA Church.


And thank you for your financial support and generosity.

We have volunteer teams that help you to serve the church and the neighborhood in a variety of ways. The best place to serve is where you’re using your God-given gifts, talents, and passions the most.


Please reach out to us via the “contact us” portion of this website.


Here at Santa Maria SDA Church, we desire to help you meet your maximum potential in serving and walking closer with God.


Please share with us how our church community can help you reach your spiritual goals.




    AdventistGiving allows you to return your tithe and give your offerings online while you do your online banking, are on a long business trip, on vacation, or even if you are unable to attend church due to an illness. 

   But most important of all, if you desire to give back to the Lord all of your first fruits as soon as you have them, you can do it immediately through AdventistGiving.

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