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12/22/23 Newsletter

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

It’s Christmas once again. It is the time to remember when prophecy was fulfilled through the prophet Isaiah; “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given” (Isaiah 9:6). What a gift! What a privilege! What a beautiful season!  The Son is alive. He came to forgive and to save.

Charlotte Carpenter wrote, “Remember, if Christmas isn’t found in your heart, you won’t find it under a tree.”


Pastor’s Corner

            Last sabbath we were so blessed with a wonderful Christmas program put on by our children and adults through music, singing and play. A phrase that was read caught my attention. It read, “… many of us enter into the Christmas season with mixed emotions. And like that first Christmas night, we celebrate in the midst of a complicated, ever-changing world.”

Indeed, we live in a complicated world. One which is filled with fast-pace living. In fact, decorated trees, colorful lights, music and gifts wrapped with care, all this and more, add to the distractions of the little baby who we celebrate this season. This Christmas, be intentional. Say, “Merry Christmas” with your heart. You will be surprised how many people will appreciate those kind words.


Digital evangelism is coming to Santa Maria

We are looking for digital evangelist. What is that? you may ask. This type of ministry is one that reaches thousands of people, right from your own living room or from your smartphone or your computer.

As the North America Division-Evangelism department, connect with individuals that are from Santa Maria area, through social media, they will establish a relationship with them. After a relationship has been established, they will send those interests to the digital evangelists in our church to continue praying with them. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is. Better worded, a digital evangelist is one who is willing to continue praying for these interests over the phone, or via emails, and event text messages.

The plan is to create a hybrid evangelism model that blends in-person and digital outreach. This comprehensive strategy will enable more effective engagement with the community, utilizing tools such as prayer ads, online pastoral care, community involvement, Bible study, and public evangelism meetings. This collaborative proposal signifies a step towards an adaptive and inclusive approach, bridging traditional methods with digital avenues to better reach our community.

If you have been praying for ways that God can use you to serve in your local church, please consider joining us as we embark on this new journey to meet people in need of prayer. More information will follow.



We are thankful for God's leading in the lives of

Keone Vang, Kimberly Shreve, Christina Reed, Shannon Reed and earlier this year,

Kimberly Hobson, Jose Montoya Jr., and Julio Corona.


Join us for Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights at 7:00PM

Join us every Wednesday evening via the “Zoom app

On your computer or smartphone join here: Join here:

Don’t have a smartphone? Call 669 219 2599. Then, enter Meeting ID: 927 6119 4335#

Please note: Prayer meeting is canceled on Wed. Dec.20 and 27


Women’s Retreat

January 26-28, 2024

Don’t miss this retreat! It will be held at the beautiful Tanaya Lodge.

To reserve call Pat Curtis @ 559-642-2396 or Linda Bailey @ 805-478-8877


Physical Therapy

Thank you, Karen Lewis and Karime Castro, for completing the first season of Physical Therapy aimed at fall prevention for the elderly. We hope you enjoyed these sessions and hope to see more people in late January or eraly February, 2024, for the next round sessions.


Do you know someone who does not get our newsletter?

Please share the link below to go directly to our church newsletter.


If you missed last sabbath’s message, click on the link below to watch via our YouTube Chanell.



Giving is easier than ever. You can donate to your favorite ministry or pay tithe by using the Adventist Giving. Here is the QR code that takes you to the app on your cellphone.


The church in action:

December 23, Sabbath service: Pastor Garcia

December 30, Sabbath service: Joe Brezovic

Jan.6, Sabbath service: Pastor Garcia

Jan. 12 (Friday evening), Agape Feast- New Year’s communion service.



Prayer corner

For healing

Peggy W.

Shirley and Wayne.

Pastor Joe and Bette.

Leroy and Jackie.

Georgia and Jason.

KarenLinda and Remi.

Connie, Michael, Gary.

Diane's two sisters.

For Family

Eric and Aubrey.Soto’s

Students away at School Traveling home



Oh family

Newly baptized

Jose Montoya Jr.

Kimberly Hobson

Christina Reed

Shannon Reed

Keone Vang

Kimberly Shreve


VVAS Spotlight

New Authors at Valley View:

The 5th-8th Grades Language Arts students are now the authors of a published book, Pretty Places.  Mrs. Ellis invited a reporter from KSBY to come interview the students and make a video for the newscast.  This year, the book was dedicated to a longtime volunteer, Mrs. Ruth Goodman.  The idea for the book title was offered by Natalya, mistakenly identified as Natalie, and Nathan Kim was selected to tell a bit about his story.   The video aired on KSBY local news Wednesday afternoon, but you can still view it via the link.  


Students participate in Arroyo Grande Christmas Parade

Do you love children? Do you have a few hours during the week to give to our school? If so, our teachers are requesting help from supervising during recess and helping out in the classrooms a few hours in the mornings.

If you are interested, please call the school at (805) 489-2687. Thank you for your support.

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