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12/2/23 Newsletter

Christmas Season

It’s official! Christmas season is here. Every year we bring out the lights, decorations and we pull out our favorite recipes. As we begin the countdown for Christmas Day, let’s begin the counting of each blessing received throughout the year. And of course, don’t forget to count how many people you can bless for Christmas. God loves a cheerful giver.


Pastor’s Corner:

Hostages are being released in recent hours and days in the Middle East. Yet, in Ukraine, Russian forces are advancing to take control from all sides. In Hawaii, the Disaster Recovery Community has had to suspend activity because of weather. Can we get a little good news, anyone?

It is so easy to get lost in the chaos of this world. That is why Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. It is the time when the world can focus on the event that promised joy to the world. A day when we can remember and practice “peace on earth and goodwill to mankind.

Where ever you are, where ever you go, and whatever you do this Christmas season, let your light shine on someone. Be a blessing.


A New Strategy

Do You pray for those who live around you? Do you pray for those who live around our church? In the coming weeks, Pastor Garcia will be starting a unique type of evangelism-Digital evangelism. This type of ministry is one that reaches thousands of people, that otherwise cannot be reached. In response to the global shift towards digital platforms caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, the Digital Evangelism Team of the Central California Conference, in collaboration with the Digital Evangelism Team (General Conference) and Adventist Information Ministry (North American Division), intends to develop a unified digital evangelism strategy. The plan is to create a hybrid evangelism model that blends in-person and digital outreach. This comprehensive strategy will enable more effective engagement with the community, utilizing tools such as prayer ads, online pastoral care, community involvement, Bible study, and public evangelism meetings. This collaborative proposal signifies a step towards an adaptive and inclusive approach, bridging traditional methods with digital avenues to better reach our community. Together, we will embrace the opportunities that digital evangelism presents, creating a well-rounded and impactful strategy. Please begin to pray now for this ministry. The church office will keep you updated as we launch forward with God in charge!


Join us for Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights at 7:00PM

Join us every Wednesday evening via the “Zoom app

On your computer or smartphone join here: Join here: Zoom Link Don’t have a smartphone? Call 669 219 2599. Then, enter Meeting ID: 927 6119 4335#


Women’s Retreat - January 26-28, 2024

Don’t miss this retreat! It will be held at the beautiful Tanaya Lodge. To reserve call Pat Curtis @ 559-642-2396 or Linda Bailey @ 805-478-8877


Last Sabbath's Message on Youtube

If you missed last sabbath’s message, click on the link below to watch via our YouTube Chanel


GIVING Giving is easier than ever. You can donate to your favorite ministry or pay tithe by using the Adventist Giving. Here is the QR code that takes you to the app on your cellphone. CLICK to DONATE or scan QR code



December 2, Sabbath service: Pastor Garcia December 9, Sabbath service: Pastor Garcia December 16, Christmas program: Valley View Christian Academy December 30, Guest speaker


Prayer corner: For Healing Pastor Garcia Peggy W. Peggy (Margaret's sister). Margaret's husband. Shirley and Wayne. Pastor Joe and Bette. Leroy and Jackie. Georgia and Jason. Karen Linda and Remi. Connie, Michael, Gary. Diane's two sisters.

For Family

Eric and Aubrey.




Gloria, Lupe, and Angel.

Students away at School


Oh family

Newly baptized

Jose Montoya Jr.



VVAS Spotlight

Valley View Adventist School will be performing in their annual Christmas concert in Arroyo Grande SDA Church, on December 14, at 6:00 PM. And again, on Sabbath morning, December 16, at 11:00 AM at the Santa Maria SDA Church. These children are inspiring. Invite a friend! Do you love children? Do you have a few hours during the week to give to our school? If so, our teachers are requesting help from supervising during recess and helping out in the classrooms a few hours in the mornings. If you are interested, please call the school at (805) 489-2687. Thank you for your support.


or scan the QR Code


Those who follow Christ the most closely have not been gloomy. In Christ is light and peace and joy forevermore. We need more Christ and less worldliness, more Christ and less selfishness. AH. P.431

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